great-expectations-1946-1Welcome, and thanks for dropping by! There are many sites about classic Hollywood, and I’ve run a blog in a small way for the last few years which has mainly concentrated on American films. But there are fewer sites focusing on classic British movies. Recently, as a UK-based film fan, I’ve become increasingly interested in films made here from the 1920s onwards – so I thought I’d start a new blog devoted to the subject. (Before you ask, I do still love old US films and those from other countries too, and yes, I’ll be continuing my other blog ).

Anyway, I’ll be writing short reviews here of some of the classics I see. I’ll also be sharing news about films being shown on TV here in the UK, as well as vintage films being released on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services, and films returning to the big screen. My aim is to concentrate as far as possible on this blog on films which are actually available to see in the UK in some shape or form, since so much of the classic movie blogosphere is full of discussion of films which are only available on Warner Archive, US TCM, etc.

To start off with, I’d like to ask what people’s favourite British films are? My tastes tend to be geared to literary adaptations, drama and history more than comedy, with my favourites including Brief Encounter, Great Expectations and Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet – but I hope to have fun exploring all genres here.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Thanks, Charlotte. I haven’t seen either of those, but clearly I should! I have seen one silent Asquith made, though ‘ A Cottage on Dartmoor’, which was really good.


  1. I tend to like the literary adaptations also, but I’m also interested in British film noir – and also those deliciously understated British comedies! I’d also be curious to see reviews of lesser-known British films of the 40s and 50s that are not familiar to American audiences. I’ve seen a few films with the great actor Eric Portman (mainly on youtube) and would be curious to know of more.


    • I haven’t seen much of Eric Portman’s work, but would certainly like to see more of them. Thanks for the comment, G.O.M. – I do hope to write about some lesser-known titles here. I am also interested in seeing British film noir, and may end up getting into the comedies more than I am now!


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